It's About Time

HookPHP provides method hooking in PHP. That's something we all wanted anyway, right?

Method Hooking is Really Useful

I use it for all sorts of things. You can too.

What Use is Method Hooking?

I use method hooking in Tilmeld to intercept every call to Nymph and add access control selectors. This keeps queries from the front end secure, without having to alter Nymph's code.

I use method hooking to format output of my CMS before it is sent to the user. This lets me add custom directives in my templates to be altered by custom callbacks.

I use method hooking to add access control properties to every entity saved by Nymph. I add a user, group, and permissions to every entity.

I use method hooking to delete related entities when a category in my ecommerce software is deleted.

I use method hooking to alter any URL generated in my project to have certain parameters depending on whether debugging in the application is enabled.